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no, actually I think that data is just fine as a word. The problem here is
the framing.

Once we invented a new literary genre: algorithmic autobiography



This gesture corresponds to taking something that is in the world (even
something as tecno-administrative as data) and turning it into existential:
we used it through the lens of culture, of our existence and thus of our
possibility to express, represent ourselves, relate etc

Now: If there is one thing we have learned from covid19 it is that data and
computation are a matter of life, existence and survival: of being able to
exist in the world.

In todays world, the one we have now, hyperconnected, globalized and
constantly on the edge of an ecosystemic crisis that the planet doesn't
care about at all, but that is bound to exterminate us, data is
existential: it is a matter of existence, or survival. Big, enormous
quantities and qualities of data. That are the only way in which we can
experience the complex, global, ubiquitous issues which we're talking about.

This is how we can do it: flesh, blood, piss, data and computation.

The issues of privacy and control are just too small: a discussion like
this cannot fit into them. We need a larger, existential frame.


On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 7:28 PM John Hopkins <jhopkins at neoscenes.net> wrote:

> I'm sorry if I misunderstand your usage of the term. If we are talking
> about
> different things, and your definition is so extremely different, then
> there
> would be a need to define it for the people, like me, who are
> understanding the
> term in its common techno-social form. Perhaps another word or phrase
> needs to
> be invented to describe your understanding of "data"...
> On 27/Mar/20 11:17, xDxD.vs.xDxD wrote:
> > we're obviously talking about two very different concepts here
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