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Just some side gossip.
Matt Locke who has been the most important driving force behind BBC  
innovation Labs
has recently left the Beeb to join the Uk's Channel 4. It will be  
interesting to see how
he develops these kinds of initiatives in the new context.

On 10 Apr 2007, at 06:27, Seth Keen wrote:

> The http://open.bbc.co.uk/labs/2007_the_brief.php BBC Innovation  
> Labs 2007 covers amongst other things some valid questions on  
> online documentary production.
> "Cross Platform Documentary: The growth of social media services  
> had led to an explosion of new and innovative ways of realising and  
> delivering documentary online. How can films be made, presented,  
> shared, augmented, annotated, located, classified and discovered  
> using these new tools? What impact does this have on the craft of  
> documentary and what models should be explored in the future? How  
> can we discover what constitutes documentary in the digital space?  
> Does it have to be 'snackable'? Can it be modular and episodic? Is  
> it possible to be an auteur and simultaneouslly incorporate UGC  
> content?"
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