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A short duration video festival that seems to be targeted at the  
independent sector; that promotes creative commons use and a  
community focus...and works with:



"The 100 Second Film Festival returns in 2007. This is a unique event  
that taps the power of public access, the creativity of independent  
media and the explosion of online social video and transforms it into  
a real and tangible community gathering a collaborative remixable  
film festival. This festival is powered by us, people with a camera  
and an idea who want a platform, and who want to connect with a  
bigger collective experience."



"The 100 Second Festival was launched in January of 2005 by LTC,  
Lowell Telecommunications a community media and technology center  
serving the diverse urban population of Lowell, Massachusetts. The  
goal is to bring people together around the shared experience of  
creating, sharing and watching videos that have one thing in common,  
they are all less than one minute and forty seconds in length.  
Previously, as an editor of the  One Minute Video Festival 2003 it  
was evident that a short format festival can really spark the  
imagination of a whole community."


"Quite simply, it is an evolving collection of videos that are all  
onehundred seconds or less in duration.  The collection is creatively  
commoned and projected at theaters, museums, bars, libraries, etc.   
Launched in 2005, the goal has been to use the web to share the  
videos giving people the power to build their own community based  
screenings.  In 2007, that dream is being realized in new ways."

sethkeen at internode.on.net

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