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Prepping and Posting your Video to the Web, by David Tames

Which of the many video sharing sites should you use? The answer  
really depends on your goals for the video...

...Most people are familiar with YouTube, but a host of other video  
sharing sites is currently vying for the attention of media makers.   
Among these many players are Vimeo, Brightcove, Google Video, Revver,  
JumpCut, YouAreTV, or vSocial. Each stands out with a unique  
personality, vision, or community they serve.  Many big-media  
producers, e.g., the Discovery Channel, have chosen Brightcove as  
their video delivery platform, Watertown-based Documentary Education  
Resources (DER) is using Google Video to power the previews on their  
web site as well as for delivering many of their titles online Google  

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