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Wed Jan 31 16:50:08 CET 2007


Dan Harmon announced this morning that he has taken the position of 
secretary overseeing the Department of Acceptable Media, and referred 
to Channel 101 as "The Al Quaeda of Entertainment."

"When Rob [Schrab] and I started Channel 101, we were angry people," 
Harmon said in a surprise press conference on the steps of his 
apartment building. "We wanted to hurt television because television 
had hurt us. But I never thought things would go this far. We are 
killing real TV. It's terrorism."

Harmon listed Channel 101's many "crimes against television," including 
copyright infringement, anti-profit philosophies, labor abuse, and the 
training of "a guerilla army of anarchist producers," then promised, as 
secretary of the DAM, to bring Channel 101 "to its knees" in 2007.

"Channel 101 is, simply put, the Al Quaeda of entertainment," he said. 
"I renounce its ways, I denounce its people and I will work with Mr. 
[Jack] Black to bring strength and security back to our way of 

"We are creating a new online and televised system called 
Acceptable.TV," Harmon said, "that will begin cleaning up the mess 
created by Channel 101, and strike a deadly blow to anarchist media 
everywhere. Details on how the public can help will be announced soon."

"Read my lips," he added, "Channel 101 will not live to see 2008."

Harmon did not stay to answer questions.

Rob Schrab could not be reached for comment.


Los Angeles - Channel 101 co-founder Dan Harmon was seen entering his 
Los Angeles apartment this morning and says no charges have been filed 
against him by any local or federal authorities.

Harmon was headed from his own car to his apartment shortly after 9 AM, 
unshaven and wearing the same clothes he was seen wearing Friday night, 
which, according to neighbors, is not unusual.

A small amount of press had gathered outside Harmon's home in the wake 
of his apparent arrest on Friday. Harmon seemed surprised by this, but 
answered questions for about five minutes before going inside.

"I was not arrested or abducted," Harmon said. "I met some friends 
backstage at Jack's concert, I got a ride with them to hang out with 
some other friends, and I'm going to go upstairs now because I haven't 
jerked off in like three days."

When told that witnesses saw him escorted to a car with government 
plates by men identifying themselves as the Department of Acceptable 
Media, Harmon responded, "I guess that's what my friends call 
themselves, I don't know. It was late. We went out. We grabbed some 
drinks, we flew to Washington, we talked about Channel 101, we talked 
about the future. I love talking about the future. I'm into robots and 
shit. I have to jerk off, now."

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