<videovortex> [Fwd: the anti web 2.0 manifesto]

Jay dedman jay.dedman at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 00:46:52 CEST 2007

> 1. The cult of the amateur is digital utopianism's most seductive
> delusion. This cult promises that the latest media technology in the
> form of blogs, wikis and podcasts will enable everyone to become widely
> read writers, journalists, movie directors and music artists. It
> suggests, mistakenly, that everyone has something interesting to say.

Andrew Keen is like a neocon.
he weaves some general truths into an argument that basically says
"Dont trust yourselves.Trust us instead". This helps give ammunition
for any news source who wants to discredit independent creators.

Clay Shirky does a good job tearing apart his arguments:


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