<videovortex> videos of DICTIONARY OF WAR 5 now online (Modified by Geert Lovink)

Branka Curcic branka at kuda.org
Fri Feb 1 12:12:55 CET 2008

Video documentation of all concepts of Novi Sad DICTIONARY OF WAR is 
online and ready for download from the project's website at: 

The entire video documentation is realized on the basis of open source 
technology and open content distribution. This is to guarantee true 
cross platform compatibility and a maximum of sustainability and 
accessibility rather than promoting proprietary video formats that run 
only on certain operating systems and are designed in order to exclude 
those who use competitive products let alone free and open source 

In order to help you with the download of the files we provide very 
detailled instructions together with screenshots for various operating 
systems: http://dictionaryofwar.org/en-dict/videohowto

We are very proud that the V2V distribution network which German team 
of the project have been setting up over the past four years turns out 
as a stable and reliable environment for syndicating huge amounts of 
data which would cost us a fortune if we were using corporate, 
proprietary technology and a centralized distribution mode. Those of 
you who prefer a streaming media versions of the videos in a 
significant lower quality can of course access every concept in a 
playerless preview version directly on the website.

The website is designed in a way that every concept can hold various 
types of content -- in addition to the video recording. Therefore we 
would like to encourage you once more to register at the website in 
order to be able to continue to work on your concept, edit, change, add 
and multiply the actual content of your concept.

  As soon as we can identify you as a registered user on the system we 
will grant you the necessary privileges so that you have full write 
permissions for your concept. Registering and logging in is easy and 
done within a few seconds. Just point your browser to:  
http://dictionaryofwar.org/en-dict/user/register and fill in the 
required fields. [in case you chose a different user name than the one 
we associated with your concept, please drop us a line!]. We would also 
like to take the opportunity to invite you to continue to participate 
on DICTIONARY OF WAR beyond the actual event. Please don't hesitate to 
post comments or additional material on the website -- it is meant and 
designed as a lively environment that is capable of mapping constant 

All the very best!

kuda.org & multitude e.V. team

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