<videovortex> Belgrade 'Riot Girls' prove unlikely YouTube hit

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 23 08:33:08 CET 2008

Belgrade 'Riot Girls' prove unlikely YouTube hit

BELGRADE (AFP) — Internet surfers in Serbia were aghast Friday at 
footage of a pair of "Riot Girls" shamelessly taking advantage of riots 
in the capital Belgrade to go on a looting spree.

The video clip, which has become an unlikely hit after being posted on 
the videosharing website YouTube, shows the two young women going from 
shop to shop and helping themselves to anything from chocolates to 
designer clothes.
The link www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VWZoKWBYXE had received well over 
2,000 comments within 24 hours of being posted.

The video entitled "Kosovo for a pair of sneakers," was uploaded by a 
user called "Gvantanamo" (eds:correct), who described it as "Belgrade 
chicks use riots and shamelessly steal from smashed up boutiques."

"They are so greedy and even carry goods in their teeth," added 

In the footage, the two blondes can be seen stealing from a ransacked 
grocery store, picking up chocolates and drinks, before rushing into an 
adidas shop that had been broken into, bagging shoes and jackets.

It was apparently filmed by someone on a mobile phone camera.

The unidentified cameramen kept asking them for their names, but one of 
the girls only shouted "Go away, stop filming," as the other tried to 
pick up stolen goods that had fallen out of her hands.

Serbian police said almost 200 people were detained after the rioting, 
which broke out after a government-organised rally to show Serbia's 
opposition to Kosovo's independence.

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