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Sabine Niederer sabine at networkcultures.org
Wed Mar 12 22:58:08 CET 2008

hi all, I came across this project called WorldTV:

"WorldTV is a refreshing take on online video. Thousands of full  
screen channels created by people from more than 130 countries."
It's apparently new, and the site doesn't work yet: http://worldtv.com/
here's the announcement:

WorldTV pre-announces Create Your Own TV Channel™

WorldTV will shortly be launching an exciting 2nd generation web  
video service that will enable you to Create Your Own TV Channel™.
An incredibly easy-to-use flash-based interface will grant you access  
to a World of video clips from the likes of YouTube, Google Video and  
many other popular video sites.

With WorldTV you'll be able to search for and watch millions of video  
clips from around the World, and add them easily to your own full  
screen, web video channel. You'll even get your own TV Channel logo  
and a cool WorldTV URL (eg worldtv.com/alxtv) where you can invite  
others to come see what you've compiled.
How you use it is up to you. You could create a themed channel on a  
specific subject, or a collection of different material that you  
simply like. With WorldTV, you get to be the media baron!
If this intrigues you, you should should shimmy on over and fill the  
form for WorldTV Beta. We will be sending out access instructions  
very soon.

Some background on WorldTV
10 years in the planning, WorldTV has a decade of ideas for a new  
kind of entertainment. We believe people's tastes are valuable and  
that other people will be interested in what other people like. We  
also believe in a model that rewards everyone, from creators to hosts  
to editors to viewers. We previously organized the community created  
Millennium Photo Project.

also, check out: http://worldtv.com/charts/

ciao, sabine
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