<videovortex> Visualizing tagging behavior in Nicovideo

Seth Keen sethkeen at internode.on.net
Sun Mar 16 23:51:20 CET 2008

> : http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/project.cfm?id=561

In Japan, Nicovideo (Japanese call this service Nico Nico Douga) is a  
known user generated content service similar to YouTube. Users in  
Nicovideo create new videos by remixing and adding new features to  
existing content. These remixed videos, sometimes called "MAD", are  
also tagged by users, employing a shared set of categories (tags).

In this project, the author(s) tried to understand "What happens in  
nicovideo" by visualizing the inherent tag co-occuring networks. Tag  
co-ocurring networks on Nicovideo represent relationships of content  
and subsequently, evolution of content. These are genuine complex  
networks and share such features as scale-free structure and small  
world ties.

sethkeen at internode.on.net

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