<videovortex> Call for Online Video Curating project Intermerz

Sabine Niederer sabine at networkcultures.org
Wed Apr 15 15:20:27 CEST 2009

Dear all,
this is a call for the call for 'online video curating' project  
Intermerz. Feel invited to submit your curatorial video selection at http://tiny.cc/Xwwrt 
INTERMERZ is an ongoing curatorial experiment, reconsidering  
exhibition formats for single screen based video. It is a traveling  
exhibition with a highly variable form, always adapting itself to its  
hosting environment.

Browsing is curating. INTERMERZ is not only a physical exhibition but  
also a database, a digital platform. INTERMERZ explicitly denies the  
conventional borders between the artist and the public, the specialist  
and the amateur. In the 'age of the user' where video has become the  
global vernacular through online platforms, browsing has become a form  
of curating.

The curating process is open. For INTERMERZ, both artists and the  
wider public are invited to upload their video-work to the database.  
Next to that, and in the idea of 'browsing is curating' and 'senders  
receive' we also challenge everyone to send us their series of online  
video, i.e. to add a series of favorite online videos which generate  
beauty or meaning through their interrelation.

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