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Seth Keen seth.keen at rmit.edu.au
Tue Apr 21 05:03:00 CEST 2009


The world's first feature-length mobile phone art film.

A story about a future world where the dream of living in utopia can  
only be sustained by a nomadic tribe of artists and intellectuals,  
Mark Amerika's Immobilité mashes up the language of "foreign films"  
with landscape painting and literary metafiction. The work was  
composed using an unscripted, improvisational method of acting and the  
mobile phone images are intentionally shot in an amateurish or DIY [do- 
it-yourself] style similar to the evolving forms of video distributed  
in social media environments such as YouTube. By interfacing this low- 
tech version of video making with more sophisticated forms of European  
art-house movies, Amerika both asks and answers the question "What is  
the future of cinema?"

Seth Keen
media lecturer
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