<videovortex> New version of openArtist released: a Linux distro for open-source video editing...!

Valentin Spirik valentin.spirik at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 15:37:46 CET 2009

Following previous threads on this list about using open-source software for
video post production I'd like to draw your attention to the new version of
openArtist <http://openartisthq.org/>, *an artist friendly Linux
distro*based on the latest Ubuntu KarmicKoala.

openArtist tries to provide all apps that an artist might need:

- in one package

- with at least a short help text to get you started

- while making sure that everything works out of the box

“openArtist features a streamlined interface (gnomebased), with *integrated
mousegestures*, custom menus, reorganized and extended system configuration
tools, terminal-on-desktop integration (guake, ctrl+esc), dropbox for
collaboration between artists, *extended tooltips for the program launchers*,
*documentation for (nearly) every program* (...)"

For a *full list of included 2D, 3D, Audio, Video, VJ* etc. software see the
openArtist website <http://openartisthq.org/>.*

Download is *3.47 GB*, you will need about *12 GB of hard disc space*.*

*Download (directly):*

MKL Graz <http://openartist.murspace.net/openArtist.iso>

openMaterials <http://openartist.openmaterials.org/openArtist.iso>

groundhog media <http://openartist.groundhogmedia.ca/openArtist.iso>

Or download the torrent<http://dl.dropbox.com/u/308096/openArtist.iso.torrent>

Always make back-ups before testing new software! And* make sure to read the
readme before/after installation files* that are on the openArtist desktop!

Disclaimer: this latest version of openArtist now *includes my own Blender
title/video editing presets *(see the "Vid" menu) to help everyone get
started with open-source video editing using Blender.
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