<videovortex> new list of VV steering committee

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 17 22:49:06 CEST 2009

- Jan Simons, University of Amsterdam, new media theorist and speaker  
at VV 2 and 4
- Andreas Treske, Birkent University Ankara, speaker at VV 2 and 4,  
organizer of VV 3
- Dan Oki, presenter at VV 2 and 3, organizer of VV 4
- Adrian Miles, RMIT Melbourne, vlogger and speaker at VV 1
- Vera Tollmann, Berlin online video (art) critic and speaker at VV 2,  
3 and 4
- Sabine Niederer, INC Amsterdam, organizer of VV 2, co-editor of the  
VV Reader, attended VV 1-4
- Johan Oomen, Research Dept. Audio-Visual Archive Hilversum (NL),  
works with Maarten Brinkerink
- Geert Lovink, INC Amsterdam, founder of VV network/event series and  
co-editor of VV Reader
- Bram Crevits, Brussels, attended VV 2, 3 and 4, organizer of VV 5
- Seth Keen, RMIT Melbourne, Video Vortex 2 researcher, finishing his  
PhD on online video


- Jean Burgess, QUT Brisbane, co-author of YouTube (Polity Press) and  
essay in VV reader
- Sasa Vojkovic, critic and theorist, Split/Rijeka, speaker at Video  
Vortex 4
- Perry Bard, artist, New York, exhibited and spoke at Video Vortex 4
- Nathalie Bookchin, artist & professor, Los Angeles, spoke at Video  
Vortex 4
- Vito Campanelli, media theorist, Napoli, attended VV2, speaker at VV 4

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