<videovortex> Debate: Gaza Flotilla Debacle and Online Video

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Tue Jun 8 11:41:25 CEST 2010

...although this was a rather feeble attempt by the IDF to control
damage. Their clip at best reasserted their own constituency and even
inside Israel it did not convince many observers. However, more to the
point of the short article, I am not convinced that this was a good
example of governments using social media because:

   1. I saw the Israeli "version" of events (in fact both sides
      versions) in the main news on TV and not online, whereas the IDF
      released these videos primarily on their own website. Is this
      considered social media?
   2. Whereas the Israeli version is definitely the government/official
      version of the events, the same cannot be made so obviously for
      the activists side, since it was a flotilla of international
      activists on board and no government representatives and the boats
      where attacked by the IDF and not Pro-occupation Israeli
      activists. There is a kind of asymmetry here.


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