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> Open Video Conference: call for proposals
> ** Submission deadline: June 7th, 2010 **
> ** http://openvideoconference.org/proposals **
> We are now accepting proposals for panels, presentations, workshop  
> sessions, demo sessions, and other programming for the next Open  
> Video Conference in New York City. Join us and over 1000  
> participants during our groundbreaking two-day conference and take  
> part in the discussions that are driving the future of the online  
> video medium.
> Travel funding is available. Visit http://openvideoconference.org/proposals/ 
>   to make a submission.
> About the Conference
> Open Video Conference
> October 1-2, 2010
> New York City
> The Open Video Alliance is proud to present Open Video Conference  
> 2010.
> Open video is the idea that the moving image should belong to  
> everyone. This vision requires not only free and open video  
> technologies, but also that viewers are empowered to go beyond just  
> watching—creating, sharing, and engaging in the multimedia public  
> sphere they now inhabit.
> The Open Video Conference (OVC) is a multi-day summit of thought  
> leaders in business, academia, art, and activism to explore the  
> future of online video. The first Open Video Conference was host to  
> over 800 guests, including 150 workshop leaders, panelists and  
> speakers. Over 8,000 viewers tuned in from home to watch the live  
> broadcast. The event earned coverage in WIRED, NewTeeVee, BBC News,  
> Filmmaker Magazine, and The New Yorker.
> This year, OVC is expanding. In addition to highlighting the  
> industry’s progress toward open video, OVC2010 will feature  
> inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, technology working groups, film  
> screenings, and much more. It’s as much about the underlying  
> technologies as the people and projects who use them. Whether you  
> are a developer, a storyteller, an entrepreneur, an academic, or  
> just a citizen of the web, OVC will spark your imagination for  
> what’s possible with video on the web.
> Check out the 2009 conference program to learn more, or visit http://openvideoconference.org 
> .
> What types of proposals are you seeking?
> We are requesting proposals and ideas for panels, presentations,  
> workshops, and other sessions that will address how we can shape  
> online video or take part in the public debates around the medium.  
> Proposals may be intended for the main conference track, or for more  
> focused unconference-style sessions. Proposal topics may be legal,  
> technical, or cultural in focus, though we encourage proposals in  
> all relevant areas. The more complete and fleshed out a proposal,  
> the more likely it will be accepted—but we welcome the submission of  
> all good ideas.
> We also welcome suggestions on relevant speakers or projects. OVC is  
> a big tent—if you have a person or project to recommend, we want to  
> hear from you!  To make a submission, visit http://openvideoconference.org/proposals.The 
>  deadline to submit a proposal is June 7th, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST  
> (GMT -5).
> What do you mean by "open video"?
> In the narrowest technical sense, open video is the idea that basic  
> video technologies must be available in free and open source  
> implementations. But more than that, open video is a vision for a  
> participatory medium, in which individuals are empowered to wield  
> video to share their message as powerfully as they can with text.  
> For its potential to be fully realized, online video must be a  
> dynamic medium that invites clipping, archival, remix, collage,  
> repurposing, and other transformations that are currently inhibited  
> by law or by lack of tools.
> How does the conference work?
> OVC is a bit like a festival. Over two days, we will host a  
> continuous main track in the auditorium. These sessions are designed  
> to have the widest appeal, and will interest anyone with a stake in  
> online video. In addition, workshops and other events will take  
> place on an ongoing basis. The conference schedule is a product of  
> this call for participation, so we want to hear from you!
> Do you provide funding?
> The OVA selection committee will award travel grants to the most  
> promising sessions, in accordance with need and other factors. Since  
> OVC is a non-profit event, we kindly ask that you seek funding from  
> your company or institution before accepting a travel grant.
> When will you notify me about the status of my submission?
> We will be in touch no later than June 21th about the status of all  
> submissions.
> About the Open Video Alliance
> The Open Video Alliance, founded in 2009, is a coalition of leading  
> organizations dedicated to fostering the growth of open  
> infrastructure, tools, and standards for the online video medium.  
> OVA members include Mozilla, Kaltura, Participatory Culture  
> Foundation, and the Yale Law School Information Society Project. To  
> learn about membership or conference sponsorship, please get in  
> touch at conference at openvideoalliance.org.
> http://openvideoalliance.org
> -Ben

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