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Huge Gap Remains Between Mainstream Media and the Social Web [REPORT]  
- May 25



Like Twitter, YouTube is more of a platform to share and curate  
important information than a forum for lengthy discussions, although  
viewers are often active in the comments. Because videos take a long  
time to edit and upload, there is less of an emphasis on breaking news  
than on Twitter.
What’s unique about YouTube is that its focus on politics and foreign  
events far surpasses that of any other platform. Of the news videos on  
YouTube, politics attracted 21% of views and international news  
attracted 26%, compared to 15% and 9% in the mainstream media,  
respectively. The study smartly points out that this is because  
“videos transcend language barriers in a way written text cannot.”

PEW study - Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism

New Media, Old Media - May 23, 2010
How Blogs and Social Media Agendas Relate and Differ from Traditional  


YouTube has still other characteristics that set it apart. Here, users  
don't often add comments or additional insights but instead take part  
by selecting from millions of videos and sharing. Partly as a result,  
the most watched videos have a strong sense of serendipity. They pique  
interest and curiosity with a strong visual appeal. The "Hey you've  
got to see this," mentality rings strong. Users also gravitate toward  
a much broader international mix here as videos transcend language  
barriers in a way that written text cannot.

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