<videovortex> Videophagy 2010, Open Call

Cecilia Guida cecilia at networkcultures.org
Tue May 25 20:33:06 CEST 2010

> Link:
>    http://wwww.e-fagia.org/news/call.html
> Deadline:
>    June 20, 2010
> Open Call for submissions
> e-fagia Organization is accepting submissions for videophagy, an
> exhibition to be carried out from September to October of 2010, in the
> city of Toronto.
> The medium of video continues to be transformed by changes in
> technology.
> With Video Line we want to explore the web as a channel through
> which we could investigate the different forms in which Internet and
video are related. We are looking for traditional or hybrid contents
that are present on the Internet and that participate of, or expand on
the notion
> of video. We encourage submissions of diverse artistic-cultural contents
> through the video on the web, as we strive to integrate the fields of
> contemporary culture, visual arts, music, film and architecture.
> The deadline for submissions will be July 17th, 2010. The selected
> works will be featured in our website and presented as a single channel
> video.
> Submission guidelines:
> Only online submissions will be accepted
> event at e-fagia.org
> Layout: Single channel video
> How To Submit Your Video:
> You can submit your work in one of the following ways
> 1: Upload your video on your own website.
> 2: Upload your video to the hosting service of your choice (YouTube,
> Vimeo, etc). The video must be embeddable.
> 3: Send the video project via Internet through download.
> Submissions will be received from May 17th to July 17th, 2010
> for more information: http://wwww.e-fagia.org/news/call.html
> Arlan Londono
> www.e-fagia.org

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