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I am in the early stages of compiling a list of key BOOKS about online 
(Internet) television and film and their audiences. For my purposes, 
anything prior to 2004 or so would be less than current.

Here is a (small) list of what I have found thus far. Any other 
suggestions to add to the list would be appreciated.

/Beyond the Box: Television and the Internet/(Blackwell 2008).

/Beyond the Multiplex: Cinema, New Technologies, and the Home/(UCB 2006).

/Cable Visions: Television Beyond Broadcasting/(NYUP 2007).

/ Flow TV: Television in the Age of Media Convergence/(Routledge, 2011 
-- marginally related)

/Future of Advertising: New Media, New Consumers, New Clients in the 
Post-Television Age, The/(McGraw-Hill 2003).

/ Internet Challenge to Television, The/(HUP 1999). -- of historical 
interest for tracing past developments.

*//*/Internet Television/(2003).-- focused on technology and policy, not 
on content and audience behaviour.

/Television After TV: Essays on a Media in Transition (DUP 2004)./

/ Television Will Be Revolutionized/(NYUP 2007).

/ Television versus the Internet: Will TV Prosper or Perish as the World 
Moves Online?/(Chandos 2010). -- criminally overpriced.

/Transmedia Television: Audiences, New Media, and Daily Life/(Routledge 

/TV dot Com: The Future of Interactive Television/(TV Books 2000).

Thank you,

Dr. Strangelove

University of Ottawa

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