<videovortex> Excuses for mail in Croatian

Dan Oki danoki at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 19 18:55:51 CEST 2011

Sorry for sending a mail in Croatian.
I was forwarding mails from Natalie and
Geert to Tihomir Milovac from the Museum
of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. By mistake
I have sent it also to the VV-list.
Dan Oki

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From:    "Dan Oki" <danoki at xs4all.nl>
Date:    Mon, September 19, 2011 18:43
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Jos jedan mail na istu temu.
Prvi je poslala Natalie Bookchin,
a ovaj Geert. To je zapravo mail koji
je ona poslala njemu, a on fwdirao na listu.

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Subject: <videovortex-sc> Fwd: hi and some info
From:    "Geert Lovink" <geert at xs4all.nl>
Date:    Mon, September 19, 2011 16:31
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Begin forwarded message:

> From: Natalie Bookchin <bookchin at calarts.edu>
> Date: 18 September 2011 8:29:57 PM
> To: Geert Lovink <geert at xs4all.nl>
> Subject: hi and some info
> Hi Geert,
> Hope all's well with you and Linda!
> I just forwarded some info about a show about youtube that took place
> recently in LA to the VV list, but wanted to send you special notice
> about it, because it was a pretty extraordinary + ambitious project
> and I think you would be really interested to know about it. The
> project addresses questions of social space, art, activism, youtube,
> real vs virtual, community +dialogue building, and the  organizers-
> Alex Juhasz and Pato Herbert really activated the space, organizing
> regular meetings with different groups of respondents, led numerous
> and valuable conversations and debates, online and off, and  I think
> it is well worth putting it on again in another  context.
> It so closely aligns with the concerns of VV. Not sure when and where
> the next round is, but I thought you might want to consider doing
> something with this project.   Let me know your thoughts. Id be very
> happy to  put you in touch with Alex and  Pato.
> Best,
> Natalie
> -------------
> http://www.pitzer.edu/offices/galleries/exhibits/2011/PerpiTube/index.asp
> PerpiTube: Repurposing Social Media Spaces, co-curated by Pato Hebert
> and Alexandra Juhasz, models a purposeful, complex, and artful use of
> social networking technologies and the spaces that hold them. In the
> gallery and on YouTube, this novel art show organizes the media of 29
> invited participants along side the video production of daily visitors
> to the gallery, everyday YouTube users, invited community members, and
> you.
> http://perpitube.com/
> http://www.youtube.com/PerpiTubeSpace

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