<videovortex> Video Vortex #10 ?

Vera Tollmann vera.tollmann at gmx.net
Tue Dec 11 17:48:37 CET 2012

Hey all,

we are working on the program flyer for Video Vortex #9 and were wondering if anybody is making plans for the 10th edition?
If so, would be great to get in touch to see how we could collaborate on an open, processual publication which we are about to start.
The idea ist to provide a sourcebook for the conference (consisting of different kinds of material) which then lives on as „liquid book“, enhanced publication.

But how exactly its future life will look like, that's what we could discuss during the collaborative editing sessions at Video Vortex in Lueneburg.
Some of us will be around at transmediale, so that would also be a good place to discuss publication plans.

A save the date email and more info on the program is coming soon ::::>
best, Vera

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