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Thu Feb 20 12:20:05 CET 2014

Beyond (spectacle) - Episode II
On the 21/02/2014 at 19h45
you are welcome to join

Beyond (spectacle) - Episode II
Annie Abrahams & Igor Stromajer

Streaming: Ivan Chabanaud Mosaika.tv
Technical assistance: Jan de Weille
Reader: Laurie Bellanca

festival Tropisme (http://tropismefestival.fr/)
Online + la Panacée, Montpellier

Remotely connected, Annie & Igor will be your avatars. You can set
them into e-motion through your writing.
To command them go to http://bram.org/command at 19h45 on Friday the 21st.

You can follow a live stream of this and other performances (by
NatYot, Antoine Boute and Orion Scohy) from 18h18

Marionettes / Scripting Reality / On Manipulation / Txt Theater /
Public Collaboration Dynamics

More information http://bram.org/beyond

Thanks for your attention
Annie Abrahams
I hope to see you in Montpellier or online
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