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The new Prix Italia Web Competition 

Prix Italia ( http://www.prixitalia.rai.it ) is one of the largest international associations of broadcasters, and we run the oldest, prestigious competition for radio/TV programmes. 

The Web Competition is the youngest of the three Prix Italia main competitions. Yet "young" is a relative concept: we created it in 1998, when the internet was just emerging from its infancy, and is it therefore one of the most established and respected of its kind.Prix Italia bet on the media convergence, the second screen, audio/video streaming and online digital archives way before anyone else, and sometimes even before these concepts were technologically possible.

In the last 16 years the Web Competition has always awarded the cutting edge of technological, creative, cultural innovation of radio/TV broadcasting on the web.

But the Web Competition is still growing, as this year we experience a new major innovation – to open also to organizations that are not among Prix Italia members.

It's the first time that one of the main competitions of Prix Italia opens to non-members: we become convinced that it’s a necessary step, opening new perspectives for the future. We are aware that today many independent producers, who do not fall in the classical definition of radio/TV broadcaster, are publishing online audio/video/multimedia products of great quality. On the other side, Prix Italia broadcasters are turning into global media publishers, increasing their online presence and integrating the web into their radio/TV formats. This multiplication of actors on the industry, and the convergence of the platforms are still in their early days –  which means, it’s just the right time for Prix Italia to be the first to study, recognize and award their excellence.

Who can participate in the Web Competition?

As in the past, radio/TV broadcasters which are members of Prix Italia. Also, starting this year, any external organizations may participate, producing cross-media projects and trans-media narratives on the internet, with a prevalence (or centrality) of audio/video content.

Independent producers, cultural institutions, online newspapers, etc. may submit their works to the Competition. The project(s) submitted must be available online at least for the duration of the evaluation process (up to end September 2014) .

Why participate in the Prix Italia Web Competition?

Because it is an opportunity to participate in the most prestigious and oldest competition so far reserved for the radio/TV broadcasters. Because Prix Italia is an event followed (live and online) by a selected and very attentive audience of broadcasters’ delegates from all over the world: participation will guarantee visibility to your project, and valuable opportunities to meet people and exchange ideas. Because your project will be evaluated by a Jury of international experts, composed of Prix Italia broadcasters’ delegates, and external professionals. Because the ten finalists will be invited to present their project in person to the Jury and the public of Prix Italia, and therefore they will have the opportunity to attend the event and its rich calendar of panels, meetings, presentations. And then because there is a prize, of course.

How to participate in the Web Competition?

To enter the competition, you first need to read the Regulations 

If your Internet project may fall into one of two categories of the competition, send an email to prixweb at rai.it asking to participate: you will receive the link to our entry form, and credentials for submissions.

Riccardo Polignieri

Prix Italia
Web Competition Staff

prixweb at rai.it

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