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Wed Oct 19 07:11:20 CEST 2016

The first issue of Srishti's e-journal Unbound is out.

http://www.unboundjournal.in/?p=85 <http://www.unboundjournal.in/?p=85>

Check out this article by Charu Maithani

"Proprioception.in is a website that is dedicated to experimental videos and artists’ films, net art and digital publications. It places itself in the landscape of online viewing practices. It is curated in the format that only one video/film by an artist/filmmaker is on view for a month. Additionally, the chosen video is either remarkable in terms of technique or is a commentary on post-internet living. The video is contextualised by an interview with the artist. The interview helps in illustrating the larger practice of the artist; aesthetics, medium and digital materiality are promptly discussed."

Andreas Treske
treske at gmail.com

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