<videovortex> pirate cinema this sunday: consequences will never be the same

Dr. Strangelove Michael at Strangelove.com
Sun Oct 30 20:41:04 CET 2016


Am I the only one who finds this (below) to be a ridiculously overstated 
assertion? Have we not move past the dismissal of popular pleasures that 
infected early marxist, liberal, and conservative intellectual a century 
ago? The statement by pirate cinema berlin that "most of what YouTubers 
do is just a waste of time: the 'content' they produce is meaningless, 
useless and entirely harmless, and no-one is watching it anyway" could 
equally apply to the avant-guarde, art cinema, and, I suspect, to pirate 
cinema berlin.

It is time to move past such simplistic dismissals of popular pleasures.


Dr. Strangelove


On 24/09/2016 2:12 AM, pirate cinema berlin wrote:
> The sad figure of the couch potato has been
> dislodged by an even sadder one: an office chair potato, in short: a YouTuber.

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