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Ciao ,

The PLAYGROUND AV FESTIVAL 2017 in Vienna (hosted by 4youreye ProjectionArt) is an Experimental Audiovisual Art Festival and will happening this year from 22. - 25. of June. This year the Playground AV Festival stands again in the sign of the meeting of unusual projection design AudioVisual Music, projection art,  and AV sound artists.

The Festival gives artists and people who interested in audiovisual and experimental video art the opportunity of exchanging knowledge and to learn about this certain field. For this we offer workshops, screenings and discussion groups getting carried out by artists and technical professionals we have invited from more than 14 european countries, the States and Russia.

For all this we will use again 3 indoor locations as well as the huge outdoor area around the Stadtbahnbögen at Donaukanal (Walk of Fame incl. the 25 m high climbing tower) which will be visualised with unusual wall mappings, projection art and video installations after sunset.


Friday stands completely in the sign of the british audio-visual Live-Act Addictive TV which are to be seen for the first time in Vienna and appear with the Playground AV as the headliners. They became famous with many music-productions, TV shows and the audio-visual project „Orchestra of Samples“. They have been performing in more than 50 countries as well as the Glastonbury festival, Roskilde Festival and the San Francisco Film Fest. Besides, Addictive TV have been distinguished since 2004 already for the second time as world best Vjs. On Saturday Addictive TV will do an AV live remix session. From 23h Playground AV goes on with „Alles Banane“ by Scheibosan including projection art / live visuals by Elektromoon, Gianluca Del Gobbo, Trig Fardust / Club der Visionäre and many more.

On Saturday we present Liquid Sky Berlin, who are well famous over the borders of Berlin with experimental TV and Radio-projects, Sound and Video-art. We are very exited about the fact that LSB presents the band airliquide live (in their origin formation). On the decks they are getting supported by Mijk van Dijk. Playground AV is also looking forward the Berlin AV live Act Tangowerk.

Lichtbogen334 presents from midnight till 06h in the morning the AV & analogue live night.  The show will be transferred via live stream into Berlin and online on via Alex TV.

Air Liquid will be live-visualised through the night by 4youreye., Siegfried Kärcher, Attaray, VJ Diablos and many more. 4youreye - the founders of the Playground AV Festivals are the pioneers of the Austrian VJ Scene and for many years now they prove that they count to the most unusual Vjs worldwide. The unique 4youreye-style shows in the finest pictorial language the abillity of expressing the music through visuals.

Either live in nightclubs or in the big style, like on last years „Wien leuchtet“ where they were visualising the History Of Art- Museum, 4youreye unites Sounds and Visuals in their brilliant ways.

They are asked internationally as jurymembers (Circle of Light/ Moscow and many more) and their works also find themselfes in Galleries and art festivals like recently at the Vienna Take-Festival where 4youreye curated more than 50 Artists which presented themselves there for one week.

Playground AV 2017
June 22 - 25
https://www.playground-av.com (https://www.playground-av.com/)

Playground AV 2017 is part of the cultural cooperation LPM 2015 > 2018 (https://avnode.org/activities/lpm-2015-2018/)  realized within the international audiovisual network AVnode, with the contribution of the Creative Europe Culture Program for European Cooperation Projects, involving 14 partners from 13 European countries.

See you in Wien!

AVnode Team
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