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Lunchmeat is an annual international festival dedicated to advanced electronic music and new media art based in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 2010, it brings carefully selected creators from different art spheres together on one stage, creating a truly synesthetic experience.

Lunchmeat Festival 2017 Theme

i·dol (īd′l)
1. a. An image used as an object of worship.
b. A false god.

Idols are often celebrated as perfect individuals who never fail, but visionary artists deserve respect for quite the opposite: they are not afraid of making mistakes. Fresh ideas are brought to us by people that take risks and do things differently. When something goes wrong, they try again. Until something brilliant is born. Idols are false gods. Images in our head, children of our fetish for success. Fostered by media. Fed by marketing. Perfection is a lie. Worship is a burden. To err is human, and inventive. We are dedicating this festival to the courage of those who experiment.

Lunchmeat Festival 2017
October 19 - 21
Veletržní palác, Prague, Czech Republic

Lunchmeat Festival 2017 is part of the cultural cooperation LPM 2015 > 2018 (https://avnode.org/activities/lpm-2015-2018/)  realized within the international audiovisual network AVnode, with the contribution of the Creative Europe Culture Program for European Cooperation Projects, involving 14 partners from 13 European countries.

See you in Praha!

AVnode Team
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