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Thanks for the book.

It is interesting to observe how the media evolution in time forays like
evolution of organisms barging away from bottom-up approach to Top down
control. From bottom up of micro cellulars systems to the top down of human
nervous systems. The past need to be renewed with modern vigour in the age
of youtube where fledging off content and deleting them at will of the
controllers of media take place because of being in a centralised platform
like 'youtube'. It is insightful to learn from the histories of media in
sense to be judgemental about whether the development is positive or
negative in varied sense. I have still just skimmed through text as is the
motif of studying in information laden world, looking forward to get more
from it. The nostalgia though with which this has been written should in my
view be providable more than to create an archive of it but in hopes that
it also creates a remixing and renewal of new forms of centralised video
distribution by reviewing from perspectives of past of our becomings.



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On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 6:37 PM, Dr. Strangelove <Michael at strangelove.com>

> Awesome book!
> The first time I downloaded a video from the Internet was 1994. A clip of
> an animation, a spaceship! The details are documented in my How to
> Advertise on the Internet text (1994).
> Ahh, the heady days of Usenet newsgroups ucb.digital-video,
> comp.multimedia, an alt.binaries.multimedia. Also MBONE video conferencing
> in 1994 at the blistering speed of 15 frames per second.
> michael
> On 21/06/2018 8:53 AM, Geert Lovink wrote:
> Dear Video Vortex members,
> *the Institute of Network Cultures is proud to present Videoblogging
> Before YouTube* by Trine Bjørkmann Berry, *Theory on Demand #27.* The
> book is available in pdf, epub, and print-on-demand here:
> http://networkcultures.org/blog/publication/tod-27-
> videoblogging-before-youtube/
> An important hallmark in the research into online video, *Videoblogging
> Before YouTube* offers a cultural history of online video, focusing on
> the critical moment when the internet moved from being a mostly textual
> medium to a truly multimedia one. Through a close analysis of the early
> videoblogging community and their creative practices, Trine Bjørkmann Berry
> argues that early in the new millennium a new cultural-technical media
> hybrid emerged. which created innovative media forms that have been
> highly influential on YouTube and other audio-visual media forms such as
> film and television. Through an ethnographically-informed approach to the
> cultural history of the videoblogging community, the book examines their
> practices, which were mostly small-scale, self-funded and bottom-up, and
> truly experimental. The aesthetic, technical form and content of short-form
> digital film was an important predecessor to, and anticipator of, our
> current media ecology.
> Trine Bjørkmann Berry is a writer and academic whose research is at the
> intersection of film theory, digital media and digital vernaculars, with
> particular emphasis on video and the internet. Bjørkmann Berry is a
> visiting researcher at the University of Sussex. She publishes on online
> video, digital culture and aesthetics. Her new research examines the
> history and practices of the video essay.
> Cover design: Katja van Stiphout. Design: Rosie Underwood. EPUB
> development: Rosie Underwood. Print on Demand. Publisher: Institute of
> Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2018. ISBN: 978-94-92302-22-9.
> Published under a Creative Commons license; download your free copy here
> or order a print edition via Lulu: http://networkcultures.
> org/blog/publication/tod-27-videoblogging-before-youtube/.
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