<videovortex> Launching the Video for Change Impact Toolkit

Andrew Lowenthal and at engagemedia.org
Wed Jun 26 15:33:17 CEST 2019

Greetings Video-Vortexers,

EngageMedia recently (re)launched the Video for Change Impact Toolkit
<https://toolkit.video4change.org> - a contribution to the impact field
that focuses on short-form, low-budget, participatory, and co-creative
approaches to social issue documentary.

I thought it might of interest to folks here.

The Toolkit is co-produced by the Video4Change Network
<https://video4change.org>, a consortium of organisations from Malaysia,
Kenya, Mexico, the US, UK, India and beyond that support human rights,
social justice, and environmental film-makers.

We welcome your feedback!

Andrew Lowenthal
Executive Director
EngageMedia <https://engagemedia.org>

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