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Bob Logan logan at physics.utoronto.ca
Mon Sep 1 17:41:06 CEST 2014

Dear Web Culturati - I am not shy so I have no problem with making an introduction as requested below by Michael Stevenson. I am an emeritus physics professor at the U. of Toronto where I had the great good fortune to collaborate and co-author a book on libraries and 2 papers with Marshall McLuhan during the period of 1974 when I first met him to his demise in 1980. With McLuhan's passing I devoted my academic career to preserving and enlarging upon his legacy. I have attempted to extend his legacy into other fields including linguistics, systems biology, information theory, knowledge management and design. In addition to my academic work I ran a couple of IT companies, one of which Gutenberg Internet Services focussed on Web development work. At the INET96 conference where I met many of the Net luminaries like Vint Cerf. I presented a paper there entitled How Do To Business of the Net. I mention this not so much to toot my own horn but to alert  the historians on the list who might wish to contact me. Of my many books list members might be most interested in my book Understanding New Media: Extending Marshall McLuhan (now I am really tooting my own horn). Most of my papers are available on the two Web sites cited in my byline below. I look forward to my active participation on this list and collaboration with any of you interested in my work. - Bob

Robert K. Logan
Prof. Emeritus - Physics - U. of Toronto 
Chief Scientist - sLab at OCAD

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> With that in mind, I hope we?ll see more of these introductions.

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