[WebCultures] Welcome!

Roman Herzog roman.herzog at virgilio.it
Tue Sep 2 18:49:22 CEST 2014

Hi, I'm Roman, "online" since 1988, did my PHD on the political 
economy of the Web in Latin America, abandoned academics (to annoying 
for me), work since 15 years as documentary author and did recently a 
radio feature (1 h) about the degeneration of the so called web 2.0 
under neoliberal circumstances, focussing on how and why the 
individuals voluntarily surrender themselves to the neoliberal form 
of acting and behaving (self technologies), will be broadcasted in 
October in the German ARD.
With that work my interest in networking actually came back to me, 
that's why since some months I re-inscribed myself to nettime and now 
this list, which for me could become a thrilling interchange (hope so).


Roman Herzog

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