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'Web Archives as scholarly Sources: Issues, Practices and Perspectives'
A two-day conference, Aarhus University, Denmark, 8-10 June 2015

The submission website is open at http://events.netlab.dk/conference. Please note that the deadline for submissions is 8 December. There will be no extension of this deadline.

In March 2014, the web celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday. This vast information resource is of enormous importance to scholars, both as a primary source and as a means of networking and communication. It is, however, strikingly ephemeral, and much important data has already been lost. The archiving of this vast range of material, so that it is accessible to both contemporary and future researchers, increasingly occupies national memory institutions, and researchers are also beginning to realise and explore its value. This conference seeks to explore the potential of web archives for scholarly use, to highlight innovative research, to investigate the challenges and opportunities of working with the archived web, to identify opportunities for incorporating web archives in learning and teaching, and to discuss and inform archival provision. This multi-disciplinary conference is aimed at scholars, web archiving institutions, web archivists, curators, IT-developers, companies and public institutions interested in web archiving and research using web archives. In conjunction with the overall topic of web archives, general areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
	• the history(ies) of the web
	• the changing structure of the web
	• material culture and display in a digital context
	• political and literary reputation online
	• public engagement online
	• patterns of culture online
	• networks of social communication
	• the evolution of language on the web
	• the history of institutions and organisations online
	• the history of social and political movements on the web
	• the relationship between image, sound and text online
	• the web as a forum for commemoration
	• health and education online
	• using web archives in the classroom
	• national/international boundaries online
	• approaches to web archiving
	• research methods for studying the archived web
	• providing access to the archived web
This list is not exhaustive, and we are keen to attract the widest possible range of topics.

Important dates:
	• 8 December 2014: submissions due
	• 19 January: notification of acceptance
	• 9 March 2015: registrations for presenters open
	• 20 April 2015: papers uploaded (if we decide this)
	• 20 April 2015: registrations for presenters close
	• 27 April 2015: registrations for non-presenters open
	• 11 May 2015: programme released
	• 25 May 2015: registrations for non-presenters close
	• 8-10 June 2015: Conference

- Meghan Dougherty, Loyola University, Chicago
- Ditte Laursen & Bjarne Andersen, Netarkivet, the national Danish web archive

Organised by RESAW, Aarhus University, the State and University Library (Denmark), the Royal Library (Denmark), l'Institut des sciences de la communication du CNRS, Université de Lille 3, the Institute of Historical Research (University of London), the University of Amsterdam, the British Library, and Leibniz University Hannover

Read the full call at http://resaw.eu/events/international-conference-aarhus-june-2015/

SECOND CALL 'Web Archives as scholarly Sources: Issues, Practices and Perspectives', 8-10 June 2015. Read full call at http://resaw.eu/events/international-conference-aarhus-june-2015. Submission website at http://events.netlab.dk/conference.

FIRST CALL: Web25, Special issue of New Media & Society on the Web’s first 25 years, abstract deadline 15 Nov, full call at http://imv.au.dk/~nb/Web25_call_nms.pdf

"Inside the Struggle to Preserve the World's Data”, Newsweek, July 2014, http://www.newsweek.com/2014/07/11/inside-struggle-preserve-worlds-data-257020.html?ynano

"How to preserve the web’s past for the future”, Financial Times, April 2014, http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/2/d87a33d8-c0a0-11e3-8578-00144feabdc0.html#axzz37cXx9xdw


August 2013
Web historiography and Internet Studies: Challenges and perspectives, New Media & Society, 15(5), 752-764
Read more: http://nms.sagepub.com/content/15/5/752.abstract

June 2013
Historical Network Analysis of the Web, Social Science Computer Review, 31(3), 306-321
Read more: http://ssc.sagepub.com/content/31/3/306.abstract

March 2013
The Web and Digital Humanities: Theoretical and Methodological Concerns (w. N.O. Finnemann), Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 57(1), 66-80
Read more: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/08838151.2012.761699

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