[WebCultures] program Conference "Changing platforms of memory Practices" and pre-conference event.

Aasman, S.I. s.i.aasman at rug.nl
Fri Aug 21 10:38:13 CEST 2015

Please take note of our exciting program "Changing platforms of Memory
Practices-Conference" in Groningen, September 10-12 that is now online.
There will be an international line up of speakers talking about the
relation between technologies and (amateur) memory practices. One of the
key note speakers is  Megan Sapnar Ankerson talking about "My Personal
Web History:
Using the Wayback Machine as Technology of memory”.

Other interesting panel speakers for this list will be Catherine
Summerhayes (Australian National University) talking about Google earth as
a site for remembering and erasure and Niels Kerssens (University of
Amsterdam) about the various traditions of practice and discourse around
the relationship humans historically had with computers, Rik Smit
(University of Groningen) about Sociotechnical Practices of the “New Memory

As a pre-event to the conference, there will be an expert meeting on
September 10 about *Hands-On History **Exploring New Methodologies for
Media Research, Teaching, and Curating. *

How can we challenge the exclusively textual approaches to media history
and opt for a more experimental and hands-on approach to cultural
heritage?  The University of Groningen’s Film Archive and the Network for
Experimental Media Archaeology, focused on media heritage, are working on
 innovative methodologies for engaging with past media technologies by
creating situations of re-use to experience and understand the complex
relationship between the materiality of media devices and the performative
qualities of such objects.

You are kindly invited to the presentation of their concept of a new
digital platform used for the recording and sharing of data and
experiments, and to discuss new, experimental, apparatus-oriented forms of
media research, teaching, and curating. Among Speakers are Giovanna Fossati
(Eye Film Institute The Netherlands / University of Amsterdam), Andreas
Fickers (Luxembourg University), Annie van den Oever, Bernd Warnders, and
André Rosendaal (University of Groningen), Andrea Haller (Deutsches
Filminstitut / German Film Museum Frankfurt am Main), Ludwig Vogl Bienek
(University of Trier), Nick Hall (Royal Holloway, University of London),  Johan
Oomen (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision).

*INFOVERSUM *The event will take place in Infoversum’s 3D Dome and its
director, astronomer Shawn Laatsch, will demonstrate  the specific
technologies and value of the 3D Dome for academic research and education
as part of the program.

You can now register: http://changingplatforms.eventbrite.nl
For more updates see:


Susan Aasman

Universitair docent Eigentijdse Geschiedenis/assistant professor
Contemporary History

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/University of Groningen

Faculteit der Letteren/Faculty of Arts

Geschiedenis/History department

Oude Kijk in't Jatstraat 26

9712 EK Groningen

Nederland/The Netherlands

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