[WebCultures] greetings Web Cultures from Justin's Links

Justin Hall justin at links.net
Thu Jan 15 17:51:00 CET 2015

Hello World Wide Web Enthusiasts -

Thank you for sharing your passion here through your projects and
progress exploring the early web! I've had fun seeing what you folks
have been making.

I began writing online in January 1994, when I started a range of
online experiments to see what kind of personal intimacy I could
foster with strangers through HTML.  I took notes at
http://links.net/, calling my site Justin's Links from the

Now I'm putting together a documentary covering 20 years of personal
publishing.  Here's a mailing list and trailer: http://20links.vhx.tv/

I've put about 9 months in on the project, and the current draft is
about 40 minutes long.  I want to finish this "director's cut" version
to release free on the web.  But I've got two things I need to resolve
before I can share it.  One of them you might be able to help with -

HELP ME if you remember Justin's Links:

I'm looking for someone who might have seen "Justin's Links from the
Underground" or "Justin's Links" in the 1990s.  I'd like to make a
short video with your recollection of what made my site interesting in
the context of the moment.

WebCultures seems like an ideal place to make this request; a support
group for web historians.  If none of this rings a bell, or you have
questions, please enjoy a blog entry which might offer more context or
distracting links:
or drop me a line!

Either way, I look forward to sharing this film with you folks when
it's done.  If you teach the early web I hope this material might help
your efforts!



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