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MoneyLab Reader: An Intervention In Digital Economy

Edited by Geert Lovink, Nathaniel Tkacz and Patricia de Vries

INC Reader #10

MoneyLab is part of a global movement that demands the democratization of
the design of our financial futures. Audacity is essential in times of
crisis. And so we must engage constructively with hackers, entrepreneurs,
and other creators who take up the call for economic alternatives. One
first step is a map of the present: What works and what doesn’t? What is
worth pursuing and what must be left aside? Which histories bear on the
present moment? And what are the limits of our economic imagination?

The MoneyLab Reader brings developments in crowdfunding, currency design,
technologies of payment, and other economic experiments into dialogue. The
authors of this volume discuss the implications of the current
architecture of global finance, its impact on ever-growing income
disparity, and question money and finance as such. It is not always clear,
for instance, whether genuine alternatives are unfolding or if we are
simply witnessing the creative extension of neoliberalism. At stake is the
full spectrum of technologies of economic (re)distribution.


Irwan Abdalloh, Franco "Bifo" Berardi, Robert van Boeschoten, Finn
Brunton, Paolo Cirio, Jim Costanzo, Primavera De Filippi, Eduard de Jong,
Irina Enache, Andrea Fumagalli, David Golumbia, Max Haiven, Keith Hart,
Samer Hassan, Ralph Heidenreich, Stefan Heidenreich, Geert Lovink, Bill
Maurer, Rachel O’Dwyer, Pekka Piironen, Lena Rethel, Renée Ridgway, Andrew
Ross, Stephanie Rothenberg, Douglas Rushkoff, Saskia Sassen, Inge Ejbye
Sørensen, Lana Swartz, Erin B. Taylor, Tiziana Terranova, Nathaniel Tkacz,
Pablo Velasco, Akseli Virtanen and Beat Weber.

Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam 2015

ISBN: 978-90-822345-5-8 (print)
ISBN: 978-90-822345-6-5 (EPUB)

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