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> Copyright Trolls Invading Australia (Copyright)
> by Mike Masnick from the next-on-the-list dept on Monday, October  
> 3rd, 2011 @ 11:04PM
> It appears that the plague of copyright trolls is moving down under  
> to Australia. There's really not much of a surprise here. It's yet  
> another example of some lawyers finding an opportunity to abuse  
> copyright law to shake people down by offering "settlement fees"  
> that are less than the cost of going to court. In the UK, such plans  
> have been pretty harshly beat back, but they continue to spread  
> elsewhere. In this case, it's an operation called Movie Rights  
> Group, and it's planning to sue an awful lot of folks. Of course,  
> whether or not it can actually get anyone to pay up is another story.

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