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Great effort Andrew, Adrian and Mitchell; appreciated.
Congrats to all involved

On 12 October 2011 21:09, Andrew Murphie <andrew.murphie at gmail.com> wrote:

> (please spread the word among your own networks/contacts)
> Dear Friends of the Fibreculture Journal,
> We have now launched FCJ 18, the Trans issue. There is slippery robotic
> chaos, VR, lots of interesting thinking with Simondon, Guattari's ecosophy,
> a radical approach to Interaction Design, software, the TwitterAPI, and
> more!
> I hope you'll agree that Mat (Wall-Smith) has done an outstanding job on
> this issue (and many thanks to him for what has been an extraordinary amount
> of work. It looks glorious. It's also a big issue (over 250 pages if you
> download the very splendid pdf/book version).
> More information below but you can skip to the real thing at
> http://eighteen.fibreculturejournal.org/
> with warm wishes to you all,
> Andrew
> (please spread the word among your own networks/contacts)
> --
> The Fibreculture Journal — Issue 18 — The Trans issue (transduction,
> transmateriality, transversality)
> It is now perhaps a commonplace that digital, networked and informational
> media are extremely transient. They diversify in form and function at a
> dizzying rate. At the same time, they transit and fuse “social” and
> “natural” differences in a manner which reconfigures all the worlds
> involved. It is also perhaps a commonplace to suggest that some established
> powers have found it difficult to come to grips with this (although this is
> perhaps beginning to change). For many, from seriously challenged newspaper
> proprietors to established media disciplines, it might be time to pause for
> breath, if only for a moment—to regroup and adapt established practices and
> ideas, to count the survivors from among the old media worlds of just a few
> years ago.
> While occasionally sympathetic, issue 18 of the Fibreculture Journal<http://eighteen.fibreculturejournal.org/>questions this approach. If we pause for breath, it is to take in the new
> air. This issue draws on the accelerated evolutions of media forms and
> processes, the microrevolutions in the social (and even the natural
> sciences) that dynamic media foster, even the way in which “new” media lead
> us to reconsider the diversity of “old” media species. Summed up simply here
> under the sign/event of the “trans,” this issue catalyzes new concepts,
> accounts of and suggestions for new practices for working with all these
> processes.
> The issue was edited by Andrew Murphie, Adrian Mackenzie and Mitchell
> Whitelaw.
> Articles include:
> Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders’ ‘Other Ways Of Knowing: Embodied
> Investigations of the Unstable, Slippery and Incomplete’,
> John Tinnell’s ‘Transversalising the Ecological Turn: Four Components of
> Felix Guattari’s Ecosophical Perspective’,
> Vince Dziekan’s ‘Anxious Atmospheres, and the Transdisciplinary Practice of
> United Visual Artists’,
> Kristoffer Gansing’s ‘The Transversal Generic: Media-Archaeology and
> Network Culture’,
> Christoph Brunner and Jonas Fritsch’s ‘Interactive Technologies as Fields
> of Transduction’,
> Troy Rhoades’ ‘From Representation to Sensation: The Transduction of Images
> in John F. Simon Jr.’s Every Icon’,
> Michael Dieter’s ‘The Becoming Environmental of Power: Tactical Media After
> Control’,
> Simon Mills’ ‘Concrete Software: Simondon’s mechanology and the
> techno-social’
> Fenwick McKelvey’s ‘A Programmable Platform? Drupal, Modularity, and the
> Future of the Web’.
> More on issue 18 here. <http://eighteen.fibreculturejournal.org/>
> --
> "A traveller, who has lost his way, should not ask, Where am I? What he
> really wants to know is, Where are the other places" - Alfred North
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