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We invite people to attend or to apply to give a short talk (10-15 minutes) or poster at our European Science Foundation conference, “Images and Visualisation: Imaging Technology, Truth and Trust” on the 17th to 21st September, 2012. The aim of this conference is to bring together experts from across the natural and social sciences, with curators, artists, producers and users of images based on advanced visual engineering. The conference will be interested in the construction, circulation and interpretation of images from across the sciences with a specific interest in articulating common issues and differences across the scales of representation. For more information please see the conference website or contact the organisers. If you’d like to discuss a potential presentation then do please get in touch with Andrew.balmer at manchester.ac.uk
Some funding is available and this may cover costs of the conference and/or travel fees for accepted proposals. Submissions are particularly welcome from PhD students and early career scholars. Decisions on presentations and funding will be made on the basis of merit and relevance.
The conference already has a stellar list of speakers, please see the programme here: http://www.esf.org/activities/esf-conferences/details/2012/confdetail385/385-preliminary-programme.html
To apply to present at what we hope will be an exciting and productive event please complete the registration form here: http://www2.esf.org/asp/esfrcaf.asp?confcode=385&meetno=1
If you would like to attend the conference but not to speak or present a poster then of course you are welcome and we encourage you to register using the link above.
The conference website is here:  http://www.esf.org/index.php?id=9115
Andy Balmer, Brigitte Nerlich and Annamaria Carusi 
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