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​*Open*here *14.11-16.11 2014*

3D printed goods, cryptocurrencies, digital sharing – just some of the
disruptive online practices and technologies that are transforming and
reshaping our economy. These innovative technologies have impacted the
market, enabling new business models, evolving market conditions and
transforming economic and social landscapes. However, the commodification
and commercial adoption of these disruptive technologies has also raised
concerns and questions in terms of access, control and sustainability. How
can we develop these practices to not only support a digital commons, but
also to support more equitable and sustainable worlds?

*Open*here is a 3-day international festival and conference where online
practices such as sharing, peer-production and open source meet real world
material economies. The program brings together researchers, artists,
engineers and activists to critically engage alternative economic models
and digital currencies, open source hardware and ecology, and new forms of
peer production and sharing happening at the intersection of digital and
real world spaces. Sessions include talks, panel discussions, workshops and

*Participants include:* Benjamin Tincq, Brett Scott, Cathal Garvey, Chelsea
Rustrum, Denisa Kera, Duncan McCann, Eli Gothill, Gawin Dapper, Geraldine
Juárez, Graham Barnes Kevin Flanagan, Lana Swartz, Linda Doyle, Lúí Smyth,
Nigel Dodd, Nora O’ Murchú, Peter Hanappe, Rachel O’Dwyer, The Robin Hood
Cooperative, Sean Cubitt, Vasilis Kostakis and more.

*Topics include:* Alternative Currencies* |* Open Sourcing Finance* |* Open
Hardware* |* Distributed Manufacturing *|* Open Source Ecology* | *Peer
Production *|* Sharing Economies

For more information, program details and to book a place

*Open*here is a joint initiative of (CTVR) The Telecommunications Research
Centre in collaboration with the Dublin Art and Technology Association
(D.A.T.A) and is supported by the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.

Editor in Chief of Interference A Journal of Audio Culture

Lecturer Department Computer Science
Dunlop Oriel House
Trinity College Dublin
01 8964243
085 7023779
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