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Ned Rossiter ned at nedrossiter.org
Thu Dec 1 02:56:05 CET 2016

Digital Life Research Program
Institute for Culture and Society
Western Sydney University

Hardware Workshop
Organized by Liam Magee and Ned Rossiter

Date: Tuesday 6 December 2016
Time: 10.00am – 3pm+
Venue: Collaboratory, 2/96 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Some strands of media theory maintain that to build a concept you need
to know the machine. With facilitation by network engineer Dan Hassan,
designer Paul Mylecharane and WSU researchers, this workshop is
interested in the operational logic of various digital technologies and
devices. Gear on the table to test and explore includes:

- Netgear router
- Beacons
- Raspberry Pi’s 2+3
- Arduino board
- LeapMotion
- Nexus Android tablet

If you have other tech you would like to bring along, please feel
welcome to do so. We also recommend bringing a laptop if you can.

During the morning session Dan and Paul we will be replacing the
outdated proprietary ISP ‘gateway’ with an open and user-visible device.
During the session they will touch on how key concepts within networked
hardware come directly from militarised notions and will explore what a
'context awareness' in the digital age might look like (not just by
visualising all the traffic emitted from our 'smart' phones without our
knowledge).You can read more here: http://dowse.equipment/

The afternoon will feature a short, informal Q&A session with Dan, Paul
and members of Western Sydney University’s Internet of Things (IoT)
group: Jason Ensor, Rachel Hendery, Andrew Leahy, Andreas Kuswara, Liam
Magee and Teresa Swist. The session will discuss experiences with
hardware-related projects in the social sciences and humanities, and how
these relate to wider interests and concerns: digital research methods,
technical configurations, interdisciplinary collaborations, grant and
article writing, audience participation and engagement, and the politics
and ethics of research with the machine.

Dan Hassan (UK), is a computer engineer active in autonomous
co-operatives over the last decade; in areas of economics (Rootstock,
Robin Hood Coop, Economic Space Agency, Enspiral), housing (Radical
Routes), migration (No Borders) & labour (Footprint Workers Coop).

Paul Mylecharane is a member of Public Office, Graphic Design &
Development, http://public-office.info/

Participant numbers are limited.

Tea, coffee, cakes and muffins will be provided. Group lunch at nearby
restaurant / café in Parramatta.

Please register here: http://tinyurl.com/hewe5yk

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