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I am happily forwarding a message from Dina Iordanova. (See below)

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I am truly pleased to announce the publication of our new volume in the FFY
series, Film Festivals and East Asia, edited by myself and Ruby Cheung. 

The beautifully printed volumes have now arrived and the book is available
to order at 


The most exciting developments in world cinema over the past two decades
have been linked to East Asian countries such as China, Japan and South
Korea. Films made in East Asia triumph at festivals around the globe.
Booming film markets are attached to the most important film festivals in
Hong Kong, Pusan, Tokyo and Shanghai. The West is only just beginning to
wake up to the importance of these film festivals to global film

This third volume in the Film Festival Yearbook series explores a rapidly
expanding but little-studied area in film festival — film festivals in East
Asia.  In Film Festivals and East Asia (2011) we chart cutting-edge
developments in global film and lay the necessary groundwork for the
understanding of global film circulation. The book contains a series of
contextual essays and case studies, and a resources section comprising four
original interviews with insiders from the most important Asian film
festivals, a festival location map, festival listings and East Asian film
festival studies-related bibliographies. Contributors include James Bell,
Birgit Beumers, Felicia Chan, Yun-hua Chen, Ruby Cheung, Dave Chua, Marijke
de Valck, Alex Fischer, Chris Fujiwara, Dina Iordanova, Adam Knee, Kong
Rithdee, Sangjoon Lee, Seunghee Lee, Skadi Loist, Adrian Martin, Abé Mark
Nornes, Ragan Rhyne, Julian Stringer and Tom Vick.

To order please visit our bookshop at

There are also special offers available for the purchase of this book in
combination with the other volumes from the series, The Festival Circuit and
Film Festivals and Imagined Communities, at a discount. 


Prof. Dina Iordanova

Provost, St. Leonard's College

Director, Centre for Film Studies

University of St. Andrews, Scotland


To order my new book Film Festivals and East Asia

and my other books, please visit  <http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/filmbooks/>







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