[Filmfestivalresearch] Call for papers: NAFA's Symposium 2013 (Nordic Anthropological Film Association)

Aida Vallejo aida_vallejo at yahoo.es
Sat May 25 19:38:11 CEST 2013

Dear Film Festival researchers:

We are glad to announce that the next edition of NAFA anthopological film festival and symposium will take place in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) from 9nth to 12th October, 2013.

As I am compiling a panel devoted to ethnographic and documentary film festivals I invite all scholars working on a related topic to submit a paper proposal (400-word abstract, 5 bibliographical references and short bio) to this email before 10th June (general deadline is 20th of June).

AlhóndigaBilbao Cultural Center will host the 33rd Nordic 
Anthropological Film Association (NAFA) Film Festival in conjunction 
with the HAUtaldea's symposium:CHARACTER AND DESTINY: Reflections on contemporary etnographic film and the documentary.
AlhóndigaBilbao, Bilbao, 9-13 October 2013.
More info: www.hautaldea.com

Best regards,

Aida Vallejo Vallejoweb: aidavallejo.tk
aida_vallejo at yahoo.es

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