[Filmfestivalresearch] "The Truth Behind The mask"​ New Book exposing corruption and bad practices within the film industry worldwide.

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Mon May 15 11:23:49 CEST 2017

Hi All,

We are currently writing a book on corruption and bad practices within 
the entertainment industry. I believe that this book will change the 
industry for many years to come as people will simply have the knowledge 
to force change. IF anyone would like to contribute or provide 
information about corrupt activities, we would be most grateful.

About The Book

The Universal Film & Festival Organization (UFFO) was formed in 2011 to 
combat fraudulent festivals. It has since its inception created a 
festival code of practice for film festivals which has been dubbed 
"FEST-COP" UFFO has 240 film festival members and been actively 
investigating the corrupt practices at some of the biggest and most 
respected organizations in the world and also the smaller festivals and 
the one man band operations.

UFFO has been compiling data on fraudulent and dubious film awards, film 
festivals, media clubs, and many other entertainment industry 
organizations from all over the world.

Many of these organizations have been up to all sorts such as selling 
awards, scamming festival grants, festivals going bankrupt many time 
over many years with literally hundreds of creditors being shafted time 
and again, including charities.

Some have been stealing staff pensions while others have been giving 
awards to friends and in some cases to themselves. There are major 
industry charitable organizations touting their own award tickets with a 
face price of 500 and being sold on for 7500. The book also demonstrates 
one of the industries leading awards events agreed to sell award tickets 
via one of their ticket touts to one of the world's most wanted terrorists.

Many productions have scammed filmmakers, writers and actors over many 
years, never paying anyone. Others have set up phoney companies to scam 
tax and some scamming the VAT system in the UK.

Some awards events have fixed Committee elections, fraudulent award 
voting and jury tampering. Other issues such as child pornography, rape, 
illegal surveillance, bugging operations have been exposed within other 
organisations including the illegal bugging operation exposed at Goldcrest.

We explore the Oscars selection process and how easy it is for a film 
festival to get Oscar qualifying status with phoney figures. Something 
the Academy has ignored since being informed by us.

The Famous Groucho club will also get a chapter, and there is a detailed 
account of the Libel action they took against yours truly which they 
lost in the most embarrassing way.

The book also includes a section on activity at the BAFTA charity that 
includes fake awards, blocking awards for political reasons, the 
complete corruption of the constitutions rule book and fraudulent 
committee elections. The book will also demonstrate how to become a 
BAFTA committee member with ease and how easily it has been to scam a 
BAFTA award. If you are caught fiddling a BAFTA award, history has 
shown, you will most likely get away with it.

These issues recently led to members call for a vote of no confidence in 
the current management and trustees of the BAFTA Charity. This book will 
be reaching out to BAFTA members worldwide to inform them of the 
activity at BAFTA and to inform them of the vote of no confidence.

There are many other issues in "The Truth Behind The Mask" that will 
totally shock the reader and we hope to have it out at the end of this year.

Want to help? Has anyone you know been screwed over by a festival or 
awards event, has anyone been scammed as a writer, actor or film-maker, 
has an official body let you down, do you know about corruption within 
the industry, within charities or non-profits or anything else you feel 
this book should contain? If so, drop me a line, anonymously if you 
wish. tyrone at uffo.org

About me, Tyrone D Murphy is an award-winning film-maker, a former 
investigator and surveillance specialist who have been investigating 
festivals and awards since 2011. He served on the BAFTA committee for 
two years and won a libel action as a litigant in person instigated 
against him by the famous Groucho Club.


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