[Filmfestivalresearch] SCMS, Film & Media Festivals SIG sponsored panels

Antoine Damiens a.damiens at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 17:58:26 CET 2018

Dear colleagues,

We hope to see you at SCMS 2018 (Toronto). Please find below a list of festival-related panels and papers. If you are attending the conference, please join us for the SIG meeting on Tuesday 14th (5PM) and for the much more relaxed social at Luma Lounge Bar (7PM).

Looking forward to seeing you, at SCMS or at NECS 2018,

Antoine Damiens 

PhD, Film & Moving Image St -  Concordia University
Co-chair, Film & Media Festivals SIG, SCMS
antoine.damiens at concordia.ca


- B14 Out of the Classroom, into the Theater: Enhancing the Teaching, Learning, and Culture of Cinema through Industry Collaboration  
- D24 Film Festivals and Inter/National Cinemas in the 21st Century
- F11 On Broadening the Discourse: New Research on Film Festivals in Canada 
- H20 Film Festivals, Programming, and the Labor of Diversity 
- I20 Towards a Critical Film Festival Studies
- R4 Generating Cultural Resources: Film Festivals and Public Programming at Colleges and Universities 


 Tuesday March 14th, 5PM @ Room Kent


Tuesday March 14th, 7PM @ Luma - 2nd floor of the TIFF Bell Lightbox (350 King St. W, Toronto). 


- A10 European Cinemas in Geopolitical Context: Dorota Ostrowska “The Migrant Gaze: Programming the Refugee Crisis at European Human Rights and Documentary Film Festivals
- D7 Spectatorship and Speculation: Ellen Y. Chang  “Looping as Attractions: Screening Video Art at Film Festivals”
- F17 Post-WWII Governing Genealogies of Cinematic Institutions: Hadi Gharabaghi “‘Margaret Mead Film Festival’?: Questioning a Title through a Critical Race Genealogy of ‘Americana Film Series
- H1 ROUNDTABLE Canadian Cinema Since 2000 New Perspectives
- I9 Visualities and Politics of Place and Space: Global Mediations in Contemporary Latin American Narrative and Documentary Film: Nadia Lie  “Urban Moodboards: The Aesthetics of Disaffection in the Mexican Festival Film Güeros”
- M8 New Takes on Archives  and Memory: Aleah Kiley:  “Infrastructures of Indie: The Independent Games Festival as Archive”
- M9 Canadian National Cinema in an Age of International Co-production: Wendy Donnan  “‘Survival of the Fittest’: International Co-productions, the Cultural Capital of Film Festivals, and Global Art Cinema in Canada”
- P19 Media, Ecology, and the Environment: Joel Neville Anderson   “Whales and Documentaries: Neoliberal Consumption on the Environmental Film Festival Circuit”
- Q6 Home Movies in PublicAmateur Film as Counter-archive: Ananya Ohri - Regent Park Film Festival   “Home Made Visible: Personal Archives and Public Memory in Regent Park”
- S17 Quality TV New Questions about Prestige and Politics.  Sarah Matheson   “Is TV ‘TIFF Worthy’?: Television at the Toronto International Film Festival”

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