[re-search] Utrecht University library surrenders to Google

René König kontakt at renekoenig.eu
Thu May 30 16:16:52 CEST 2013

Hello everybody,


This is not exactly brand new but I´d be very interested in your opinion. 

The Utrecht University library kind of surrenders to Google et al. by not
investing in their own search tools since their visitors anyway use other
services like Google Scholar or Scopus (http://bit.ly/114mXPJ). While a
colleague applauds them 

“for acting based on their findings, not on wishes or institutional
politics”, I find this form of surrendering to Google rather sad and
alarming. But ok, I can´t claim that I don´t use these services myself.
Anyway, this example once more raises the question how we should deal with
the supremacy of Google et al. Obviously, forcing people to use library
search tool cannot be the answer but what can we do?

What´s your opinion?






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