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Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 5 23:45:34 CET 2018

I asked Ben if this service was only for those who read Twitter on the Web.

> From: Ben Grosser <grosser at bengrosser.com>
> Subject: Re: Hello, Demetricating Twitter
> Date: 5 March 2018 6:18:19 pm GMT+1
> To: Geert Lovink <geert at xs4all.nl>
> Hi Geert!
> Yes, it's only for those who use the web-based version of Twitter (either https://twitter.com <https://twitter.com/> or https://tweetdeck.twitter.com <https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/>). I wish I could hack the mobile app, but they have that all locked down. I think I may be able to get this going on Android via Firefox, though.
> Honestly, I believe one reason for widespread app-ification (vs. just having a great mobile website as the primary mobile interface) is to block people like me from enabling alternative views.
> It's hard to get good stats on mobile vs. desktop (vs. app on either). Twitter doesn't appear to release stats themselves. Reading the stats I can find suggests that at least 66 million Twitter users use the browser exclusively (20%). Certainly, with a significant % of the remaining 80% using both, the total potential reach is larger. My own tiny survey also suggests a lot of people use both.
> best,
> ben
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