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How Facebook handles account deletions

History of Facebook Privacy Violations

Facebook Shadow Profiles: What You Need to Know

De-Googlify Internet

Return to RSS Architecture as Alternative for Social Media?

Bruce Schneier: “One of the responses to the Cambridge Analytica scandal is that people are deleting their Facebook accounts. It's hard to do right, and doesn't do anything about the data that Facebook collects about people who don't use Facebook. But it's a start. The market can put pressure on these companies to reduce their spying on us, but it can only do that if we force the industry out of its secret shadows.”

From https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/311334:
No Replacement for Facebook:

Vikas Tiwari, Founder of What a Story, emphasized that many businesses will not stop using Facebook advertising.

“They make a lot of revenue by targeting audience and ads. My guess is that there is a replacement of Uber (In India its OLA), replacement of Flipkart but there is no replacement for Facebook yet. I know many people in rural as well urban areas, who have just learned Facebook, and they are not going to use Snapchat or LinkedIn or Twitter anytime soon,” said Tiwari

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