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In our research collective, we have done away with peer evaluation ssytem. 
In all our publications, in case of articles (and not opinion pieces or 
views) that we undertake to publish these are written, submitted,commented 
upon, and discussed in discussion/evaluation workshops. There are designated 
discussants, who take responsbility, are not anonymous, and are ready to 
have their views discussed in that workshop. Believe me, it takes less time, 
particularly when the publication is a single theme, than the time peer 
evaluation system takes in famous journals. The results are better, we have 
been able to help new authors to emerge, and the collective spirit assists 
in all these. This can be done in virtual workshops also...Just think of a 
mix of invited and unsolocited authors producing the writings...and this can 
be preceded by submissions of suggestions...Very little rejections, on the 
other hand open method of encouraging new ideas and styles...

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> Hi all,
> Thanks for the important and useful comments and suggestions
> you sent on the proposal for the edu-factory journal call.
> If no amendments arrive in the next few days, the proposal
> will be circulated on the edu-factory list, which we plan to
> reopen at the end of February.
> At this stage of the project, the edu-factory list will have
> a new function, working not only as space for discussion of
> transformations and conflicts in the university and the
> production of knowledge but also as a space in which discuss
> to the topics and the contents of the journal. In particular
> it would be interesting to debate the abstracts submitted
> for proposed articles, with a view to strengthening the
> final publication.
> About peer review, the edu-factory collective has now
> expressed general agreement with the idea that the journal
> should be able to attract recognition in the peer review
> system. But it has also stressed the need to open up a
> battlefield in which to challenge and if possible to
> critically transform the peer review system itself. How this
> double strategy might unfold is at stake right now. So to
> open a discussion within the journal editorial board on this
> topic is something not just desirable but also necessary.
> Finally, the zero issue of the journal is under
> construction. As we have previously discussed, it will
> critically interrogate the proposition that the present is a
> time of crisis, focusing on both the economic crisis and the
> crisis of the university. Editorial board members are more
> than welcome to contribute, but we also welcome suggestions
> for others we might approach who might express themselves on
> this topic. Please send your proposals and suggestions.
> Best
> edu-factory collective
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