<CPOV> Anonymity and Privacy

Juliana Brunello juliana at networkcultures.org
Mon Apr 12 13:46:42 CEST 2010

I was reading an article at the new york times and came across the
following sentence: “anonymity was a habit, not a guarantee”. It is an
article about rethinking anonymity.


Some people feel invaded in their privacy if they have to put their real
names on a comment, much like Wikipedians who "forget to sign" their names
on discussion pages and have a problem with the bots who correct it.  The
problem is that anonymous users/users with fake identities are oft the
cause of flaming.

In local everyday life, it is hard to be anonymous or keep a fake identity
if you make a comment. I assume these users would not feel invaded in
their privacy in this case. OR: Would they maybe just not comment on

My question is: How to deal with anonymity and privacy nowadays?

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