[CPOV] Welcome to the Critical Point of View mailinglist

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 2 09:12:40 CET 2010

Dear all,

welcome to this mailinglist on critical Wikipedia research!

There is an announcement of the Amsterdam CPOV event in the next email.

Work on this project started early 2009 when the editorial team  
emerged out of the global social cloud. I met Nate in Melbourne in  
December 2008 and knew of Johanna's work already for a while. Then I  
ran into Sunil and Nishant in De Balie, here in Amsterdam, and quickly  
agreed that should do an INC reader on the matter, prepared by two  
events. The concept was ready in June and work on the production of  
the two conferences, one in Bangalore, and one in Amsterdam, started  
soon after. First of all there was a call for papers for the Bangalore  

During the first event, on January 12-13 2010 in Bangalore, the  
editorial team decided to start its own mailinglist. So, here it is.

Here in Amsterdam at the Institute of Network Cultures we are working  
with a small team on the Amsterdam event. Besides me and Sabine  
Niederer (who will be on leave soon) who are on the original editorial  
team, there is the manager Margreet Riphagen, the Brazilian-German  
research intern Juliana Brunello and the production intern Serena  

CPOV is about Wikipedia--and its not. That's the central phrase right  
now. Doing critical work in this field doesn't mean Wikipedia bashing.  
To me it is sign that Wikipedia is growing up. It is a luxury to have  
independent research networks that is not formally or informally  
attached to the big Wikimedia Mothership.

Let's see where CPOV will take us!

Greetings from a wet and cold, slippery Amsterdam,


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